Kalpana Rai Menon, Dr. Sridhara Shetty


Ayurveda refers to the science of life. It originated in ancient India and is supposed to have influenced other forms of medical practices also. Influence of Ayurvedic practices in modern medicine is also mentioned by the father of allopathic medicine ‘Hyppocrates’.

The challenges faced by Ayurveda in the current times range from lack of standardization in practice, lack of promotion, and lack of faith in the medical practice by Indians themselves mainly due to the fall in status of the practice in face of Allopathy under the hundred year colonial rule. We can take a lesson or two from the steady growth and popularization of the Chinese Herbal Medicines and Acupuncture which has kept its 2200 years of tradition alive. Yoga is one Indian practice which has seen a revival in enthusiasm to adopt the practice by Indians primarily because of the global acknowledgement it has received. Ayurveda, similarly needs acknowledgement on a global front to become popular and to be accepted as the first line of treatment rather than as the last option.

This paper is an attempt to understand the consumer preference for Ayurveda for different purpose.


Ayurveda, Medical practice, Wellness

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