Dr. Sunil Kumar B. B., Dr. Mahesh S. Shetty, Dr. Ankit Raj


INTRODUCTION: Appendiceal mucocele is a rare condition which has a clinical picture  resembling acute appendicitis. A correct diagnosis before surgery is important for the selection of surgical technique which helps in avoiding intraoperative and postoperative complications.

MATERIALS AND METHODS:In our case series, we  present three isolated cases of appendiceal mucocele complicated by the development of acute inflammation of the appendix.With the help of Ultrasonography followed by Computed Tomography preoperative diagnosis of Appendiceal Mucocele was made. For two of the cases patients were directly taken up for midline  incision Laparotomy and for one case patient initially underwent laparoscopic appendicectomy and after histopathological confirmation of adenocarcinoma , patient was taken up for a midline incision laparotomy .The mucoceles were removed without rupture, and all patients recovered well postoperatively without any complications.


DISCUSSION: Mucocoele of the appendix is a rare diagnosis. However, given the possibility of neoplastic peritoneal dissemination, it may  be considered as a differential diagnosis, especially in elderly patients with non-specific symptoms similar to appendicitis. Diagnosis relies on CT, tumour markers and intra-operative findings. Treatment is surgical resection. Correct initial treatment can prevent iatrogenic progression to pseudomyxoma peritonei in malignant cases.


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