Abrar Ali Sheikh


Cervical cancer is one of the most common malignancies among women. According to world health organization an estimated one million women worldwide are living with cervical cancer. With no symptoms at all in its pre-cancerous stage it is hard to detect and when the symptoms are visible, it is unresponsive to treatment. Fortunately, it is possible to detect it in pre-cancerous stage using pap smear test, so it could be treated. Human based smear analysis is tedious, time-consuming and error prone. Therefore, machine assisted automated screening brings significant benefits in the field. The screening of cervical cell requires detection of any morphological and structural change. An effective segmentation algorithm is needed to detect the contours of cytoplasm and nucleus and then response is feed to an automated system to diagnosis any unpropitious condition. The author in this paper builds an automated cervical cell segmentation tool in MATLAB R2015a. The tool intended to segment the available cervical cell image into two sub image. Out of these two sub image one will contain the extracted cytoplasm and other will contain the nucleus. The tool build will allow the user to select the image and then it will automatically segment it


Cervical cancer, cell segmentation, nucleus, cytoplasm

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