Ruman Kumari, Dr.Vishal Shrivastava


In this paper, we present an interactive system for recognizing flower images taken by digital cameras. Now a 'days agriculture is one field where automated systems for classification and grading of fruits can be very useful not only for farmers but at experts in taking fast and accurate decisions. Over some recent year’s customers and buyers lifestyles and needs have increased and there have been many changes. Such lifestyle and changes have proved to be a challenge for the farmers and experts in the field of agriculture. Because of this with the help of technology a well-defined automated system need to be present in the market which would grade and analyze the agricultural products with minimum error. Thus giving the farmers best product to sell and make the customers feel happy for the money they have spent. The proposed system provides an interactive interface allowing each user to draw an appropriate bounding window that contains the interested flower region. Then, a flower boundary tracing method is developed to extract the flower region as accurately as possible. In addition to the color and shape features of the whole flower region, the color and shape features of the pistil/stamen area will also be used to represent the flower characteristics more precisely. The interactive system use an Hue based Segmentation which is used for recognize image, Gaussian filter for isolate the noise, feature extraction technique, feature comparison and Counting algorithm for Rose Flower recognition. This proposed paper provides an interactive and efficacious technique in counting Red flower that can extract flower from its boundary with preciseness.



Morphological Technique , Computer vision, Image processing, Flower detection, Agricultural engineering.

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