Prof. V. C. Malshe, Rajan Raje, Rupali Hande, Rishikesh Choudhary, Shailesh Chidrawar


Silicon is the second most abundant element in the earth crust after oxygen i.e. 28.8%. However, Silicon present in soil is
in an inert or polymeric form, which is unavailable form of Silicon for plant uptake. Generally, plants uptake monomeric
form of Silicon in soil i.e. plant available silica. Monosilisic acid (H4SiO4) or Orthosiliic acid is the form of Silicon which is
completely bio-available to the plants. NiChem Solutions, Thane have developed a new product – CROPSIL based on
monomeric silica to fulfil the requirement of Silicon as a beneficiary nutrient in plants.
CropSil is a unique formulation of highly stabilized Orthosilisic acid (Monosilisic acid form). CropSil contain 3%
Orthosilisic acid which is 99.9% available form of Silicon. It has an alkaline pH. CropSil acts as a plant stress manager,
immunity booster, yield improver & a bio stimulant. It is a residue free, non-toxic and eco-friendly product. It has a good
stability & does not gel on shelf when stored in air-tight conditions away from direct sunlight. (It has Patent pending in
India & US. The International Publication number of CropSil is WO2016/135752 A2).
The field study was conducted on farmer field at Marathwada region in Maharashtra state in Feb, 2018. Marathwada is a
region with deficient rainfall Maharashtra state. In the field experiment, application of CropSil @ 2ml/lit resulted in
better plant growth and yield of Maize. Foliar application of CropSil recorded better yield and early flowering and
maturity over Control.
Results showed that foliar application of CropSil improved cob length by 6.36% and Maize yield by 26.0% with early
flowering and seed maturity over Control. Thus, foliar application with CropSil proved to be an effective treatment to
improve the plant growth and Maize yield

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