Dr. Manisha Mondal


Socialization is a process of learning the ways of one’s society and becoming a functioning member of it along with exhibiting standards of behaviour in accordance with its rules, laws and customs, which have been formed due to our interaction in the community. Sports socialization occurs through contact with socializing agents. Man is a social animal and is distinctive from other animals due to his ability to learn. For a primitive man, food, shelter and clothing were his basic needs. Education, health, recreation etc. came to be added to his growing list of secondary needs. These needs can be classified as biological, sociological and psychological aspects of life. Through socialization people develop ideas about themselves and about those with whom they interact. Inevitably, socialization is a two-way process that affects everyone to a greater or lesser degree. It takes place throughout one’s life, but it is during the early years that the most crucial phases occur. In these phases a person’s sense of self, social identity and relationships with others are shaped.


Socialization, Sports, Community

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