Dr. R. M. Dave


The era of modernization where the working without internet
almost handicaps the core functioning at every level. Cyber
space also played necessary role in easy & better functioning
of trade & commerce to the society. The concept of cyber
crimes is not radically different from the concept of
conventional crime. Both include conduct whether act or
omission, which cause breach of rules of law and counter
balanced by the sanction of the state.Crime is a social and
economic phenomenon and is as old as the human society.
Crime is a legal concept and has the sanction of law. Crime or
an offence is “a legal wrong that can be followed by criminal
proceedings which may result into punishment.” The
hallmark of criminality is that, it is breach of the criminal
law.Per Lord Akin “the criminal quality of an act cannot be
discovered by reference to any standard but one: is the act
prohibited with penal consequences”. A crime may be said to
be any conduct accompanied by act or omission prohibited
by law and consequential breach of which is visited by penal

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