Dr.Sanjeev Kulkarni, Dr. Vipin Tewani


INTRODUCTION: Diabetes mellitus is a common pathological condition at present times with a higher prevalence rate
in developing countries. Diabetes mellitus has a marked impact on the quality of life due to the acute and long-term
complications secondary to the involvement of micro & macro vasculature with the progression of natural history of
disease.Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a condition characterized by occlusive changes in the lower extremities
arteries. PAD is markedly frequent among individuals with diabetes.
OBJECTIVE: Vascular study in a diabetic foot using Doppler Ultrasound.To correlate the severity of diabetic foot
lesions by Wagner grading with Ankle Brachial Index and Doppler findings. To determine the frequency level and
pattern of lower limb arterial insufficiency in diabetic patients on a Doppler Based Evaluation.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: The Present study was carried out in our hospital during the period of June 2017 to June
2019.50 cases of diabetic foot lesions admitted in Krishna Hospital, Karad were examined prospectively with patients
referred from both medical and surgical units.Adult diabetic patients(aged 18 years and above) irrespective of type of
diabetes and gender with suspected peripheral vascular insufficiency or complaints of numbness, discoloration of
periphery or ulceration.
RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: Maximum incidence was seen in age group of 51-60 yrs. Youngest patient was 27 and
oldest was 82.In the present study, 35 were male and 15 female. There was marked male preponderance in this study
.2.33:1 MALE TO FEMALE.Maximum number cases 14 were seen in Wagner Grade III followed by 12 cases in grade
II.Maximum number of patients 13 had normal ABI. 14 patients showed moderate Ankle Brachial Index.Most common
absent pulsation was found in Dorsalispedis artery in 20 patients and least common with popliteal artery in 4 patients.In
Doppler study, 22 patients showed atherosclerosis with the normal flow. 19 patients showed atherosclerosis with the
reduced flow.


Ankle brachial index, Wagner grading, Duplex ultrasound.

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