Dr. Dipak Ranjan Das, Dr. Satya Narayan Routray


Awareness about the increased incidence & prevalence of heart
disease in patients of diabetes mellitus has definitely become more
visible during the last few decades. But a significant proportion of
this awareness is concerned about heart attack or acute
myocardial infarction ( AMI ). Ironically , similar level of concern is
not observed for another equally important & major cardiac
manifestation like heart failure ( HF). Patients with diabetes have
an increased risk of developing heart failure and those with heart
failure are at higher risk of developing diabetes. Furthermore,
antidiabetic medications increase the risk of mortality and
hospitalisation for heart failure in patients with and without preexisting
heart failure. No specific randomised clinical trials have
been conducted to test the effect of cardiovascular drugs in
diabetic patients with heart failure, but a wealth of evidence
suggests that all interventions effective at improving prognosis in
patients with heart failure are equally beneficial in patients with
and without diabetes.


Dacryocystorhinostomy(DCR , Syringing,MITOMYCIN-C,Stent

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