Bhoopendra Sharma, Vijay Kumar Singh, Yogendra Singh, Priyanka Singh


the cases of encephalitis are to be reported under the heading of ‘Acute Encephalitis Syndrome’. The disease affects the Central Nervous Syste and can cause severe complications, seizures and even death. Japanese Encephalitis virus is a neurotropic virus that affects the causing extensive damage. The survivors suffer from severe neuropsychiatric sequalae. Uttar Pradesh experienced its first epidemic in 1978, when 1002 cases and 297 deaths occurred. Since 1978, Eastern Uttar Pradesh is facing the problem of encephalitis epidemics. The etiology of this was established as Japanese Encephalitis through the efforts of various agencies including National Institute of Virology Pune. Gorakhpur District/Division of Uttar Pradesh is one of the worst JE affected areas of country since 1978.

  Method:  Multistage sampling technique was employed to select the sample.  A total of 232 Children ≤15 years of age suffered from Acute Encephalitis Syndrome were selected. The village wise list of these Acute Encephalitis Syndrome patients was prepared. A visit was made, Data were collected on pre-diagnosed and pre-tested questionnaire consisting general information and Liverpool Outcome Score with patient consent proforma in local language.

Result: Study demonstrates that out of 232 cases, 29 cases (12.5%) were left with disabilities, 65 cases (28%) had moderate sequelae, 90 cases (38.8%) had minor sequelae with mild effects like change in their behavior. The behavioral problems in 77.1% were most common finding of this study in which about 31% cases were reported to get angry easily became more irritable and/or aggressive than before illness. In 11.2% cases behaviors like abusive language/ irritable muttering/ teeth grinding/ head banging and/or fighting with siblings or peers were reported.

Conclusion: Neurological outcome in survivors of Encephalitis Syndrome include behavior abnormality, intellectual, motor and developmental disability. However neurological outcome depends upon many factors like socioeconomic, education, severity of disease and facilities to overcome disability.


Encephalitis Syndrome, Japanese Encephalitis, Disability

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