Dr. (Mrs.) Jutika Ojah, Dr. Achyut Chandra Baishya, Dr. Parimita Roychoudhury


INTRODUCTION: The public health significance of mental and behavioural disorders is demonstrated by the fact that they are among the most important causes of morbidity in primary care settings and produce considerable disability.9 Mental and behavioural disorders are among the most important cause of morbidity in primary care settings. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To assess the prevalence of common mental disorders-depressive, anxiety  and somatic disorders among women in reproductive age group(15-49  years).MATERIALS AD METHODS: Community based cross sectional study done in a period of one year in Kamrup district Assam taking the list of subcentres as the sampling frame ,taking prevalence of CMD as 10.7% ,20% absolute error ,design effect of 2,the sample size came out to be 900.Out of 41 subcentres 10 were selected randomly and out of that 6 villages were chosen for its subcentre and from 6 villages 15 women were taken to include 900 women. RESULTS AND OBSERVATIONS: Out of 900 women majority (33.56%) were from 26-32 years age group and 68.66% were currently married. Out of the ever married women 24.15% were pregnant at the time period of the study, and 75.84%were not pregnant at the time period of the study. Out of 650 women who were ever married, 577 women had been pregnant at least once in their married life (≥ G1). Out of those ever pregnant women 36.22% had their first pregnancy ≤20years. Out of 900 women,114 (12.67%) had Common Mental Disorders (CMD) and in 786 (87.33%) Common Mental Disorders was absent. CONCLUSION: The present study shows relatively higher prevalence of Common Mental Disorder compared to other counter parts in the region  . Therefore proper screening of the women in reproductive age group can be done for common mental disorders so that the issues and problems faced by them are easily identifiable and due course of action for prevention of such factors can be taken.


CMD, Mental Health, Reproductive Age group

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