Dr Poornima Ashwin Sonkamble, Dr Mukund K Parchandekar, Dr Ashwin P Sonkamble



 Despite the varied roles played by Anaesthesiologist in his specialty and allied branches of modern medicine. This study was conducted to know awareness about his various roles, among medical as well as general population.

Materials and Methods:

After obtaining approval from Hospital Ethics Committee and written consent from respondents, the Diploma holders, graduates and post-graduates from medical faculty and from other fields, participated in this study. A questionnaire of 15 questions in yes/no format was provided to the respondent and responses were collected.


 Overall awareness about role of anaesthesiologist is less when medical and general population is taken together and there is significant difference between the groups about it. Increasing awareness about his role is need of an hour and so that every work performed will be acknowledged and in result, will be benefitted by the people in larger aspect.


awareness, anaesthesiologist, medical & general population

Full Text:



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