Maj (Dr) Yogesh Kukreja, Maj (Dr) Ss Choudhary, Maj (Dr) Aditi Jha


Omental infarction is a very rare cause of right sided pain abdomen with an incidence of < 4 in 1000 cases of appendicitis seen mainly in paediatric age group and many times discovered during radioimaging or laparoscopy/laparotomy. It is notorious to mimic various surgical emergencies and is more common on the right side where it mimics acute appendicitis and acute cholecystitis. Left sided omental infarct is rare in both adult and paediatric age group. There is a role of both conservative and surgical management while dealing with such cases. We report two cases of omental infarction in adult age group with the first presented with left sided lower quadrant abdominal pain which itself is very rare, diagnosed on radioimaging and managed conservatively and the other presented with right sided upper abdominal pain and was taken up for surgery and underwent necrosectomy


Omental Infarction, Acute Appendicitis, Necrosectomy.

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