Dr. Siddharth Mahender, Dr. Akshaya Gunasekar, Dr. Swaminathan Ganesan, Prof Ravishankar Sundaram


Here are two different presentations of testicular torsion following blunt injury scrotum. Although testicular torsion following blunt injury scrotum is rare , incidence of 4-8% in reported studies , these two cases presented to the same institution within a span of 4 months . We have discussed the differences in the presentation and also how both cases were found to be non-salvageable . Both the patients were in their adolescents , and both were late presentations.

The first patients signs and symptoms were not proportionate to classical case of torsion and attributed to the trauma of the preceding event ,hence torsion was missed. He also presented twice over a span of 3 days which shows that he had multiple episodes of torsion and spontaneous detorsion. His final presentation to us was late at the end of 3 days and testis could not be salvaged.

The second patient on the other hand presented on the same day . But it was delayed[>12hrs] as the symptoms were attributed to trauma and hence managed conservatively outside. Later on with the worsening of symptoms and serial ultrasound ,we found it was a case of torsion and explored on the night. But the testis was unsalvageable like the previous case.


testis; torsion; Trauma; testicular torsion; blunt; Injury; scrotum

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