Dr. Shatakshi Sharma


Chondrosarcoma is an unusual potentially fatal malignancy of any age group. The present paper reports one such case of intermittent grade chondrosarcoma of right side of maxilla in a 35-years old male patient. The lesion initially presented as a firm, painless, nodular growth in molar region and later increased gradually to attain a larger size with a mild pain on palpation, associated with bicortical expansion. Maxillofacial radio-imaging identified a radiolucent lesion with ill-defined borders with mildly displaced maxillary molars. Osteo-degenerative changes were evident and affected the alveolar bone, maxillary antrum walls and floor of orbit. Considering to the age of the patient and the extent of spread, surgery was selected as the treatment of choice in adjunct to radiotherapy and the patient was referred to PGI, Chandigarh without any further delay. This case report explains the clinical, radiological, histopathological investigations employed for chondrosarcoma.


Nodular growth, chondrosarcoma, maxillary lesions, malignant oral tumor.

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