Dr S Anuradha, Dr B Latha, Dr C Sony Shireesha, Dr M Sushma


PURPOSE: To report a case of rare association of bilateral stargardt’s disease with bilateral keratoconus

Methods:A 33year old male presented with bilateral progressive vision loss with BCVA of counting fingers at 3 metres in right eye and at 1 metre in left eye.On examination corneal ectasia with thinning,vogt’sstriae and munson’s sign were observed. Scissoring reflex was seen on retinoscopy.Hence corneal topography was done with k values 57.3x59˚ in right eye and 59x149˚ in the left eye and pupils were round,regular,reacting to slight. On fundus examination,retinal pigment epithelial changes of Beaten Bronze appearance  were observed characteristic of stargardt’s disease

Results:High k values on corneal topography suggestive of Keratoconus and retinal pigment epithelial changes suggestive of stargardt’s disease

Conclusion:After an intense search, the association of keratoconus and stargardt’s has not yet reported so far, hence it is a rare association


Keratoconus,stargardt’s disease, common associations, rare association

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