Dr. Ravindra R. Alurwar, Dr. Pallavi Alurwar, Dr. Pramod Wavale, Dr. Ashish Patil, Dr Omkar Kale, Dr Allam Prabhu


Aim: To evaluate use of MR imaging in depicting wide variety of pathologic changes of the salivary gland in sialolithiasis.

METHODS: it was a hospital based prospective study in which Twelve patients with sialolithiasis of the submandibular gland underwent MR imaging. MR imaging features then were compared with clinical symptoms, histopathologic features of excised glands, and CT imaging features.

RESULTS: Submandibular glands with sialolithiasis could be classified into three types on the basis of clinical symptoms and MR imaging features of the glands. Type I glands were positive for clinical symptoms and MR imaging abnormalities, and were characterised histopathologically by active inflammation (9 [56%] of 16). Type II glands were negative for clinical symptoms and positive for MR imaging abnormalities (4 [25%] of 16), and the glands were replaced by fat. Type III glands were negative for clinical symptoms and MR imaging abnormalities (3 [19%] of 16). CT features of these glands correlated well with those of MR imaging.

CONCLUSION: These results suggest that MR imaging should be used along with CT in examining glands with sialolithiasis.



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