Dr Nusrat Rahim Inamdar, Dr Kannupriya, Dr Anupama Mauskar


Stridor in infancy is not uncommon and it has varied etiologies.  Laryngomalacia is the common diagnosis for stridor in infancy. Here we describe a case of neonate who presented with stridor and difficulty in breathing. Initially symptoms were attributed to viral infection with laryngomalacia but over a period of  3 weeks baby showed signs of septicemia in the form of fever, irritability, poor feeding, respiratory distress, decreased neck movement on one side & neck swelling lastly. These alarming signs and further investigations lead to diagnosis of retropharyngeal abscess. Baby was managed with surgical drainage and antibiotics. She was discharged without any complications.

 Incidence of retropharyngeal abscesses in children is decreasing due to availability and usage of broad spectrum antibiotics in recent years. It’s a life-threatening emergency condition because,it can result in airway compromise or posterior mediastinitis, thus making timely diagnosis very important.

This case is unique because of atypical age ofpresentation (first case), occurring in exclusive breast feed newborn with  no preexisting cause i.e. immunodeficiency/ local trauma.


Stridor, Neonate,Retropharyngeal abscess

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