Dr. Vinay Goyal, Dr. V K Sreekala


Background: Hemophilic Arthropathy is a major complication in patients with hemophilia but studies highlighting it are limited in India. The study was planned to understand Demography and Clinical Profile of Hemophiliac Arthropathy.

Aim: The present study was designed to evaluate clinical profile and pattern of joint involvement in haemophilia patients attending our centre.

Material & Method:  Retrospective Observational study using records of 72 patients of last three year registered in Hemophilia Clinic of Department of PMR, Govt. Medical College Hospital, Trivandrum.  

Results: Factor Ⅷ found to be the most deficient factor (86.15%). Arthropathy of joints was seen in 32 i.e. 49.2% of patients with knee being most commonly involved joint.

Conclusion: The study concluded high prevalence of Arthropathy in Hemophilia patients with knee as most common site.


Arthropathy, Hemophilia, Rehabilitation

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