Dr Pallavi Maharathy, Dr. P. Sekar, Dr Haripriya. R


Background: Anaemia reduction through weekly Iron supplementation is less studied area. This study was done with an objective to find out effect of weekly Iron supplementation in improving Haematological parameters among children(<12 years).Methodology: A longitudinal study was conducted among children between 6 months to 12 years of age with mild to moderate anaemia. After obtaining parental consent, complete hemogram along with other necessary investigations was done for the study population. Descriptive details and inferential statistical methods were used to find any significant association. Result: Significant increase was found for Haemoglobin level, RBC, PCV, MCV, MCH, MCHC, Serum Iron, Reticulocyte count after intervention. Significant decrease in Total Iron Binding Capacity after intervention was found. There was no significant difference in the Total White Blood Cell and platelet count after intervention. Conclusion: Weekly Iron supplementation is an upcoming  treatment modality for fast reduction of anaemia with improved adherence.


Anaemia, Children, weekly iron supplementation

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