Dr. Amarpreet Singh, Dr. Ankur Gupta, Dr. Himadri Sekhar Pal, Dr. Akshita Arora


Oral health and general health are interlinked with each other. In India,
dental and oral diseases are at a great degree of negligence. Indefiance
of an enhancement in the socioeconomic status, fluoridation of public
water supply, increase in outlay on dental care, dental and oral disease
is getting epidemic and disproportionate in certain segments of
society. 1 The early detection of the root cause is the most economical
means of preventing dental disease, but unluckily certain people are
either unaware of dental services or else are denied to access these
services. The major concerned population like disabled patients,
prisoners, old age people, factory workers etc are at the greatest need
for dental treatment but they receive the least services .2 Prison is a
shell of detention wherein people are restricted on remand awaiting
trials , on trial or for punishment following judgement for a crime and
the prisoner is one held in prison waiting for the trial and serving
sentence . There are proximately 1336 prisoners in our country .

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