Dr Shaifali Patil, Dr Salomi Singh, Dr Shivali Tripathi


BACKGROUND: The study aims at comparing the low dose of vaginal misoprostol and dinoprostone gel for the induction of labor.

METHODS: The study was conducted on 200 pregnancy females, randomized into two groups, each group having 100 women. First group received misoprostol per vaginally and second group received dinoprostone gel. The time interval from induction to delivery, mode of delivery, labor and fetal complications were recorded.

RESULTS: The induction to delivery interval was significantly less in misoprostol group as compared to dinoprostone group (14.21 vs 16.35 hours; p<0.01). Therefore, early labor and early delivery is seen with misoprostol as compared to dinoprostone.

CONCLUSIONS: As shown in this study, the time intervals from induction to delivery interval were significantly shorter and the requirement of oxytocin was less for augmentation of the labor with misoprostol than dinoprostone gel with no difference in maternal and neonatal complication rate.


Dinoprostone gel, Labor induction, Misoprostol, Labor Analgesia,

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