Archana Khujat, Sameer Mhatre, Sanjay Natu, M. K. Behera


Breastfeeding within the first hour of life provides protection against infections. There are many challenges to initiate and continue breastfeeding during neonatal period.

Objectives: To assess breastfeeding awareness and its practice after delivery by postnatal mothers. To identify feeding difficulties encountered by postnatal mothers during breastfeeding.

Methodology: A cross-sectional observational study was carried out among postnatal mothers in the postnatal ward. Data was collected by face to face interviews using a structured questionnaire.

Results: In our study, 64% mothers initiated breastfeeding within one hour. Most common feeding difficulty observed was pain in breast.

Conclusion: Only 2/3rd of postnatal mothers initiated breastfeeding within one hour. Most common feeding difficulty reported was pain in breast. Hence initiation of breastfeeding within one hour and health education should be encouraged through various health programs.


Breastfeeding, Knowledge, Postnatal mothers, Feeding difficulties.

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