Dr Harshvardhan, Dr Surbhi


INTRODUCTION.Diagnostic ultrasonography uses the reflection of high-frequency sound waves by anatomic structures to generate cross-sectional images. This modality has been utilized for decades by a number of medical specialties both as a diagnostic tool and to help with localization during interventional procedures. In the field of otolaryngology—head and neck surgery, ultrasound (US) evaluation of thyroid disease has been a standard procedure. MATERIAL AND METHODS A cross sectional study was conducted at the department of Otorhinolaryngology PATNA MEDICAL COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL during the period of SEPTEMBER 2017 TO JULY 2019. 100 patients coming to the OPD in department of Otorhinolaryngology were enrolled for the study. In all patients, a detailed history regarding the occurrence of swelling was obtained. A detailed local examination of neck swelling was done and confirmed by ultrasonography. Written informed consent was taken from all patients prior to the examination.RESULTS.Ultrasonography is a great tool for diagnosing head and neck pathology is accuracy is improved with thefindings of fine needle aspiration cytology.


Ultrasonography,neck,swellings,lump,fine needle aspiration

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