Dr. Richa, Dr. Vaishali Patel, Dr. Tejdeep Singh Dhanoa, Dr Subhash Kumar


Remote cerebellar hemorrhage (RCH) is an extremely rare complication of supratentorial surgeries. There are numerous theories explaining the patho-physiology behind this phenomenon, including the CSF over drainage theory, but the exact cause is still unknown. In this report, we present a case of remote cerebellar hemorrhage, encountered following removal of supratentorial craniopharyngioma without loss of large CSF volume. RCH can be an unusual finding on routine postoperative imaging studies and should not be mistaken for more common causes of bleeding such as hemorrhagic infarction, coagulopathy or cortical vein occlusion. Cerebellar hemorrhage in the typical setting can be identified as RCH and it does not require more extensive or invasive evaluation.


Remote cerebellar hemorrhage, supratentorial craniotomy, craniopharyngioma

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