Debashish Debnath, Samirranjan Adhikari, Sudip Mukherjee


Personal values originate from circumstances with the external world and can change over time. Integrity
in the application of values refers to its continuity; persons have integrity if they apply their values
appropriately regardless of arguments or negative reinforcement from others. The present study was launched to ascertain the
extent and variation of values of the male as well as female teachers. To collect the data “Personal Value Questionnaire (PVQ)”
was administered on a stratied random sample comprising of 202 male and 101 female teachers selected from 30 Government
/ Government aided Secondary / Higher Secondary schools of West Bengal, India. From the result it was observed that the two
groups of teachers (male and female) did not differ signicantly in any type of personal values. Hence in question of personal
value of the teachers there was no gender difference.


Personal Value, Social Value, Knowledge Value, Aesthetics Value

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