Pratap Bhan Kaushik, Ajit Singh Solanki, Neeraj Pal Singh, Dr Chandan Mal Fatehpuria


Introduction: HIV causes morbidity and mortality in infants and children, pertaining to its Parent- to-child transmission (PPTCT) risk. PPTCT is responsible for 90% childhood HIV infection. Existing study was done to measure the awareness regarding HIV/AIDS transmission in women and their attitude towards people living with HIV/ AIDS (PLHA). Methodology: It was a facility  based cross-sectional study conducted on women attending general OPD  at Urban health training centre (UHTC) attached with MB Hospital & R.N.T Medical College, Udaipur. 360 women interviewed by a semi structured questionnaire for duration of 6 months. Results : Out of 360  women majority were of age group 21-30 years ,64.4% were housewives.79.7% women knew that HIV is transmitted by sexual route. 29.4% of the mothers thought that one could get infected by just touching an HIV positive people. The association of knowledge score with educational status and occupation is highly significant (p<0.001).


HIV/AIDS , HIV Awareness, PLHA (People living with HIV/AIDS)

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