Dr. Omais Ali Beigh, Dr. Aatif Nabi Shah


OBJECTIVES: To compare recovery time of desflurane versus sevoflurane in patients undergoing general anaesthesia.


METHODOLOGY: 40 patients of age between 14-50 years, belonging to ASA grade I and II, scheduled for elective surgeries under general anaesthesia were included in the study.

Patients belonging to ASA grade III and IV, those scheduled for emergency surgeries and patients with anticipated difficult airway were excluded from the study.

The patients were randomised into two groups of 20 each, Group-S and Group-D.

Patients in group-S received Sevoflurane as inhalation agent.

Patients in group-D received Desflurane as inhalation agent

Recovery time which included time to verbal response, eye opening, name stating, finger sequencing, limb lift was assessed.



Comparison of the parameters of recovery time which included verbal response, eye opening, name stating, finger sequencing and limb lift between the two groups were higher in Sevoflurane group with a t value of between -22.899 and -19.808 which is statistically significant with a p value of <0.001.



In comparison of both desflurane and sevoflurane we found that there was early recovery with Desflurane.


desurane versus sevourane, anaesthesia, surgeries

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