Dr. Sandhya Bordia, Dr. Praveen Kumar Jain


Objective: The purpose of this prospective study is to study the spectrum of pediatric solid malignancies at our institution. Method: This study is under taken to evaluate the incidence and morphological features of solid malignant paediatric tumors in eighteen years and below. The material for present study is obtained from FNAC in cytology and biopsy specimen in histology department of RNT Medical college, Udaipur. Result: A total number 60 cases of malignant solid pediatric tumors of age group 0-18 years were diagnosed in Department of Pathology RNT Medical college Udaipur, during a period of two years. The number of malignancies diagnosed by Cytology accounted for 53.33% while Histopathology contributed 46.67% respectively. The male: Female ratio of childhood solid malignancies was 1.73:1. In malignant solid pediatric tumors CNS tumors were the commonest constituting 30% followed by Lymphoma 23.33%, Bone tumors 11.67% and neuroblastoma, retinoblastoma & spindle cell neoplasm 3.33% each.Conclusion: Our study concluded that solid malignant pediatric tumors contribute also a health problem in Udaipur region affecting all pediatric age group but more prevalent in the age group 6-10 years & 15-18 years.


Malignant pediatric solid tumors

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