Birender Sharma, Anupam Nanda


BACKGROUND- Minimal access surgery (MAS) also commonly termed laparoscopic surgery(LS), has
gained popularity due to better aesthesis, lesser pain, early ambulation and discharge from the hospital
with early return to work. LS, however, has its package of unique complications. One such complication being SSI in the form of
port site infection. This study aims at studying the incidence of port site infection between umbilical and periumbilical site as a
primary port of insertion in patients undergoing lap cholecystectomy.
METHODS-This study reviewed the correlation of primary port site infection(umbilicus vs paraumbilicus) in 100 patients who
had undergone lap cholecystectomy in our institution and the data was analyzed.
RESULTS- Our study observed that out of the total of 100 patients included in this study, 6 patients developed port site infection.
The incidence of port site infection in periumbilical group was 8% compared to 4% in umbilical group.
CONCLUSION- This study concludes that the incidence of SSI was comparable between periumbilical and umbilical port site


Port Site Infection, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, SSI.

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