Dr Adrija Pathak, Dr. Vinay Tiwary


Introduction: The prevalence of anaemia is disproportionately high in developing countries than developed countries. It has mainly been ascribed to poverty, inadequate diet, certain diseases, pregnancy and lactation, and poor access to health services in developing countries .Prevalence of anaemia in adolescents in India have been reported in limited studies available from 16.25% to 96.5%. Nutritional anaemia constitutes the most important cause of anaemia in adolescents. It is mainly due to deficiency of Iron, Vitamin B12 and Folate. Megaloblastic Anaemia is increasing  resulting from deficiency of folate and B12 appears to be increasing over the last two decades.

Methods: Study was designed as a cross sectional study . Sample size came out to be 194 which was round off to 200 . Subjects were selected based on the inclusion criteria set and evaluated with aid of laboratory investigation of blood samples collected from subjects. Information was analysed by using the Microsoft Excel and SPSS . Chi square test was used for analysis.

Results:  It was found out that Folate deficiency was the most common followed by Vitamin B12 deficiency & then irons deficiency. Also low intake of all the three nutrients is a significant determinant towards causing nutritional anaemia. Other factors found to influence the prevalence of anaemia were history of worm infestation, Low SES, calorie intake and folate intake.

Conclusion: In the formative period of life when the maximum amount of physical, psychological and behavioral changes takes place and this is a vulnerable period in the human life cycle for the development of nutritional anaemia, which has been constantly highlighted by public health programs .Studies are needed on this issue to highlight the importance.   


Nutritional Anemia , Adolescents , folate , Vit B12

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