Dr Suphal Kumar Gajbhiye, Dr Jaswant Jain


Introduction.   One of the most common acute conditions in Surgical Department is   Pyogenic abscesses . Many modalities being invented , the  treatment is incision and drainage. The Objective of this study is to compare the conventional method of incision and drainage with alternative methods of primary closure with closed suction drain versus Incision and Drainage.

Methods: : Cross Sectional Analytical study design with randomization  was used. A total of 48 patients admitted to a tertiary hospital were randomly divided into two groups . A  group of 24 patients (closed ) treated with primary closure with closed suction drain and other B group (open ) of  24  with the conventional method of incision and drainage.

Results: Closed group patients had lesser time to heal, lesser bleeding ,  lesser duration of hospital stay, lesser number of dressing changes, lesser pain during dressing change, and better scar as compare to the open group.

Conclusion:  The method of incision, curettage, and primary closure with closed suction drain is more effective than conventional incision and drainage. Patient treated with closed group were having reduced postoperative pain with less duration of analgesic intake, less bleeding ,  more rapid recovery, reduced hospital stay and early return to normal work.  Hence this study


Pyogenic abscess , Incision , drainage , Suction

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