Dr Samik Sharma, Dr Arun Kumar Gupta, Dr Dhruv Sharma


Cholelithiasis is a chronic recurrent disease of the hepatobiliary system. The prevalence of cholelithiasis varies and has been reported as 2-29% in India, and increased in the recent years. In the present study demographic factors, dietary habits, clinical presentation, laboratory and ultrasound findings after surgery were studied in rural population in Shimla. This study was conducted in department of General Surgery IGMC Shimla over duration of one year on 350 patients fulfilling the inclusion criteria selected for the study. Clinical symptoms were noted according to clinical history of the patients. The ultrasonography scanning of the abdomen performed, open/laparoscopic cholecystectomy was done. Gallstone disease is common disease in Himachal Pradesh. Female sex, high socioeconomic status, parity and increasing age were associated with high incidence.




Epidemiology Cholelithiasis Gallstone disease Himachal

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